Insanity Workout: An Insanity Workout Review

Insanity Workout Review

Insanity workout reviewThis is a site dedicated to the Insanity workout and provide you with an Insanity Workout Review and explain the differences between insanity vs P90X as well as periodically add P90X Reviews and talk about other Beachbody workouts that you can use to get in great shape, lose weight and feel fantastic!

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Hi there, HW here! this is my own review about the Insanity workout and in the following pages I will be adding  P90X review as well as discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the Insanity vs P90X debate. I hope you enjoy it!

But before we go on further, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and why you should listen to what I’m saying here! You see, not too long ago, I was very overweight, depressed and pretty much hated life. As you may have done it yourself, I tried all sorts of stuff in my efforts to lose weight:

  • Diet Pills: Xenadrine, Oxyelite Pro, etc.
  • The latest craze in the diet world: Southbeach Diet, Atkins Diet, Weight Watchers, etc.
  • If I saw an ad for a gadget on TV that promised instant results I bought! And you know what, after spending hundreds of dollars I came to the conclusion that these people are simply abusing the hopes and dreams of regular people like you and me who are trying to improve the quality of our life’s.

So, long story short, on day I’m watching TV and I see the infomercials for P90X. I wish I could tell you that I was instantly hooked, that I pulled out my credit card and called to order, but the truth is that I was jaded and I wasn’t going to spend another dime on products from informercials. Enough is enough, don’t you agree?

But the thing is, a little voice inside my head kept nagging me and wouldn’t leave me alone. After a few weeks of researching on the web for people complaining about P90X workout, I could’t simply find anyone. Those who complaint had one excuse or another as of why they couldn’t or wouldn’t follow the program and so one evening I decided to give it a try and ordered it. Keep in mind that from the moment I saw the add until I ordered it was probably about 3 weeks.

I received my P90X dvd’s and the rest is history. I decided that I was going to prove that these were a hoax and so I decided to just do what they told me to do on the instruction manual and on the p90x diet guide. Nothing more and nothing less. And if I didn’t get the results advertised on TV I was going to send it back and get a refund.

55 pounds and 90 days later I was completely hooked! I fell in love with P90X and I decided that whatever workouts Beachbody was putting out were legit and that’s how I got to know about the Insanity workout. In the process, I became an independent team beachbody coach and Qualified P90X trainer.

Just like with P90X, one day I happened to catch the tail end of the Insanity workout infomercial and this time and without hesitation I ordered it. Just as with Tony Horton’s P90X, the Insanity dvd’s were pretty awesome: I went through all the training materials and the Insanity diet program and set a date to start. 60 days later I was in great shape and felt like 20 years old again. By the way, I’m 40!

Insanity Workout: Insanity VS P90X

We are going to get into the specifics of both Insanity workout and P90X at a later time, but it is important to note that these two home fitness programs are very different from each other but what they have in common is that if you follow them as they are laid out both by Shaun T and Tony Horton, you are going to see results. That means no cheating, ok?

You see, I don’t know how many times have I heard people ask “Does Insanity workout work?”, “Does P90X work?” and the answer I always tell them is the same: “They work if you work them” and I’m not trying to be clever or anything but you simply can’t expect results if you do your workouts but then go eat junk food and drink 4 beers, that simply ain’t gonna cut it!

To prove my point, you can go ahead after you finish reading this and search online for Insanity workout before and after and you’ll see people who’ve had amazing transformations. And what I want you to know is that you can get those results too; you just need to commit to getting those results.


Insanity Workout – Final Thoughts

P90X vs Insanity is kind of a useless comparison simply because they focus on very different aspects of your fitness. P90X is a full body routine that will focus on improving all areas of your fitness: cardio, strength, balance and coordination. Insanity workout on the other hand is geared more towards developing a top notch cardio conditioning. If you were a basketball or football player you could think of them like this: P90X is your off-season training while the Insanity dvd’s are your on-season training.

I’m going to leave you here with this brief  Insanity workout review  and overview of Insanity vs P90X. But in the following days I am going to be adding more content for you, so please come back for more about Insanity workout!